Courses & rental

Your efoil course on Lake Garda in Italy

Would you like to dive deeper into the world of water sports and improve your skills as part of our training? Or are you already experienced and would like to explore Lake Garda on your own, with one of our Efoils? We have the right offer for you!

Take your skills to the next level with our training courses!

Our courses for beginners and advanced students consist of safety instruction, technical instruction and practical lessons! A training individually tailored to you ensures that you can achieve the maximum for yourself!

Rental of Fliteboard and Flitescooter

You have already successfully completed experience with foils or a training course with us? Then you can borrow a Fliteboard or Flitescooter from us for your water sports adventure!   All you have to do is leave us your ID and your deposit of 250 euro in cash - and you´re ready to go!  We are guaranteed to have the right board for you and equip you with a vest, helmet, neoprene suit and other safety equipment on request!


Flitescooter - Training

  • 30 min. total time

    € 100,-

    Consists of 10 minutes of instruction and 20 minutes of travel time

Fliteboard - Training

  • 90 Min. total time

    € 160,-

    instruction theory 30 Min., driving time 60 min.

Helmet and vest are mandatory on board!

Helmet and vest are included in the course!


  • Your customized training board from Fliteboard

  • Your instructor

  • Your matching helmet

  • Your matching impact protection vest

Training content

  • Safety briefing

  • Technical briefing

  • Practical lesson

  • One by One

  • Individually tailored to you

On request:

  • Your matching neoprene suit Shorty or full suit

  • Shorty oder Fullsuit von O´NEILL oder CAMARO

  • Shorty oder Fullsuit von O´Neill oder Camaro

  • Restube


Rental prices

  • Flitescooter

    € 70,-

    20 min. | plus Vest 5 Euro and helmet 5 Euro

  • Flitescooter

    € 100,-

    30 min. | plus Vest 5 Euro and helmet 5 Euro

Andere Fliteboards

  • Fliteboard

    € 100,-

    bis zu 90 min. *

  • Fliteboard

    € 125,-

    bis zu 120 min. **

  • You choose your desired eFoil from FLITEBOARD | desired setup of the foils from FLITEBOARD

Helmet and vest are mandatory on board!

Rental accessories:

  • Vest € 5,-*

  • Helmet € 5,- *

  • wetsuit € 10,-*

  • All together in a package € 20,-*


*Prices are in addition to the course costs.


  • You have successfully completed a training with us or do you already have Efoil experience!

  • You leave us your ID and a deposit of 250 Euro in cash!

  • You wear a matching helmet and a matching impact vest!

* Sport battery, according to manufacturer's specifications FLITEBOARD

** Explore battery, according to FLITEBOARD manufacturer's specifications

In each case depending on rider weight, speed and wing setup

Questions? We are here for you!

If you would like to find out more about what our water sports school on Lake Garda has to offer or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!