Flitescooter training at the water sports school on Lake Garda in Italy

Even without water sports experience, you can have a lot of fun with us and gain new movement experiences.
Our Flitescooters also offer beginners the opportunity to glide over the water!

The optimal entry for beginners

With the Flitescooter, you can also get started in water sports as a beginner. Unlike the Fliteboard, the Flitescooter has a handlebar and the board is wider, so that even laymen can easily cope with this device and water fun is guaranteed from the first minute. Try it out, you´ll be thrilled. 

Fun, Action und nature experience

The Flitescooter offers you water fun and pure nature experience - you don´t need special skills. As part of the ten - minute briefing, we will explain everything you need to know. After that, you can glide over the water for 20 minutes and enjoy the great nature experience.


Do you have any questions about our Flitescooter training courses or would you like to reserve your board with us? We are here for you!