Fun with the flying surfboard: Fliteboard – Rental at lake Garda

Blue sky, the picturesque lake and a Fliteboard under your feet: Your holiday on lake Garda will be so beautiful! With our advanced and expert water sports equipment, you can enjoy pure action and you can explore the surroundings from the water.

Water sports experience of a special kind

Water sports with a Fliteboard is a very special experience You glide over the water silently without resistance and have the feeling of flying through the landscape. The Fliteboard opens up a new dimension of water sports for you.

Top-quality fliteboards and equipment

At our watersports school, we offer you advanced and expert Efoils from the top brand Fliteboard with jet or protected propeller drive for maximum safety. You will also find the best equipment from premium brands such as BB Talkin Intercom, O'Neill, Ion, Camaro and Restube. You can also hire a helmet and wetsuit from us to go with your board, and for safe fun on the water, we offer instruction for every board as well as courses for beginners (lasting 90 minutes, including 60 minutes on the water).


Realize your dream of flying with us and experience unforgettable hours on the Fliteboard in the midst of a fantastic natural backdrop. We look forward to your visit!